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Dogs Available for Adoption
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Islay Dog Rescue (Ayrshire)
Dogs Available for Adoption
Before applying to adopt one of our dogs please think very carefully about it. Most dogs have a potential life span of around 15 years.  Whilst it is not dreadfully expensive to feed a dog on a weekly basis there are other, associated costs, such as vet bills, that can be very expensive especially if the dog is ill or has an accident.  We would advise any potential adopter to take out relevant insurance cover.

Please do not ask to take one of our dogs on a "trial" as we will not agree to that.  You are welcome to visit the dog as many times as you like prior to adoption and spend as much time as you like with him/her. In many cases we do not know what the dog has had to live through in the past and we regularly find it can take several months before a dog feels secure and settled in his/her new home.  Therefore to take the dog on a brief trial run will only upset the dog's balance and will not prove whether or not the dog will be happy living with you.  

Rebel - Border Collie Rebel is looking for a retirement home.

He came into rescue after the sad death of his owner.  He is a lovely dog who is happy to go for a walk or roam around the garden. 

He generally walks well on the lead but, in typical collie fashion, wants to stalk and chase cars.  Any potential owner would need to be aware of this though it is not a huge problem. 

He is neutered, fully vaccinated and will be microchipped and veterinary health checked prior to rehoming. Rebel interacts well with all the other dogs at the rescue and has presented no problem so far.

Rebel's perfect home would be either with a couple or single person.  Rebel would prefer that there were no children under teenage years. 

This wee guy is a lovely boy who had a very close relationship with his dad and he misses him terribly.  

He is available for adoption subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a small donation to the rescue. 

If you think you could offer Rebel a chance to love again please contact Richard on 0794 996 1253.

Piper - 5 month old Patterdale Terrier Piper is a 5 month old, Patterdale Terrier. 

He came into rescue through no fault of his own.  He was living in a family home but being tormented by the resident children so the family decided to rehome the dog.

Islay Dog Rescue (Ayrshire) is very proud to have connections with the hard-working guys on the Piper B Oil Rig.  They frequently donate to us and a recent donation will cover all this wee guys necessary treatment prior to him being rehomed.  Therefore it seemed right to call him Piper :-)

He is very affectionate and just loves to come up on your lap for a cuddle.  He is house trained and is currently living with 20 other dogs.  He has learned very quickly how to interact appropriately with them all.  This socialisation with other dogs must be kept up when he is rehomed. 

A typical terrier, Piper is quick to learn, has loads of energy and is very affectionate.  Preference would be given to a home which was committed to taking him to dog training classes.

He is crate trained and sleeps quietly and happily in his crate all night long.

He has not been neutered yet but will be prior to rehoming.  He has started his course of vaccinations and will be microchipped, flea'd, wormed, veterinary health checked and assessed prior to rehoming.

Piper could live as an only dog but he does get on extremely well with one or two friends here - playing for hours. 

If you would like to meet him or find out more please call Richard on 0794 996 1253.

Better pictures of this cutie to follow :-)

Trixie - Jack Russell Terrier Trixie was recently rehomed by us but has been returned to the rescue through no fault of her own.  Unfortunately her owner has taken ill and is not in a place where she feels she can continue to care for Trixie.

This is a lovely wee girl.  She is approximately 4-5 years old and is fully house trained.  She gets on well with other dogs but if they are playing then she tends to stand and bark at them.

Trixie is totally deaf so we will only rehome her to an owner who guarantees they will not let her off the lead.

She is an active girl who could live quite happily with children.  Due to the fact she is deaf we would suggest she only live with children over the age of 10.

Trixie is a very affectionate wee girl and loves to climb up on you and sit on your shoulder - where she curls up into a little ball and goes to sleep LOL

Trixie is crate trained and is happy to be left for short periods of time.  She sleeps soundly all night in her crate.

She is fully vaccinated, spayed, flea'd, wormed, microchipped, veterinary health checked and assessed.  She is ready for rehoming now subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £170.

If you would like to find out more about Trixie please call Richard on 0794 996 1253 or Lorraine on 0787 656 1545. 

Lucky - VERY LUCKY!!! Never has a dog had a name more deserved than this!

Lucky was originally called Diesel.  Diesel found himself in the dog pound in London, scheduled to be put to sleep.  Michelle, from All Dogs Matter, was able to save him at the very last gasp and pull him to their kennels, to safety.

He then came to us in Scotland to find a new home.  He was adopted by a couple who changed his name to Lucky.

Now all dogs who are rehomed by us are microchipped to us.  They have either a dual registration with their owners and us or simply to us.  This is where Lucky got lucky!!

At the beginning of March we received a telephone call from a Dog Warden in Medway, Kent.  KENT!!  Lucky had been picked up by him and was currently in a dog pound serving his 7 days.  Unfortunately for Lucky he was in a high-kill pound which means the dogs serve their 7 days and if not reclaimed are put to sleep on the 8th day.  The pound were not willing or able to hold him for longer than this so we had to move quickly.

Dawn, the Dog Warden from Tower Hamlets is a great friend of ours.  She, along with Michelle, arranged to collect Lucky and get him to safety for the second time.  He then made his way back to us over a volunteer transport run.  This means that the journey was broken into several pieces with him being passed on to a new volunteer for each segment of the journey.  At last, he came back to join us!!

This boy has started death in the face twice – could you be the person to offer him a permanent, loving home?? 

Lucky is fully house trained, good with other dogs, great on the lead, very affectionate and just simply a lovely dog.

He is neutered, MICROCHIPPED!!, flea’d, wormed, assessed and will be re-vaccinated.  He is available for adoption now subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £170.

If you would like to meet him or find out more about him please call Lorraine on 0787 656 1545 or Richard on 0794 996 1253.

Shokka - Labrador Cross Shokka is a 4-5 year old, labrador cross.  He is the most wonderful dog and has found himself in rescue due to no fault of his own.
Shokka was a very much loved pet and best friend of his dads.  He was a well known figure in the community, seen every day walking with his dad around the streets and hills of New Cumnock.
Unfortunately, his dad died very suddenly and Shokka was left.  His dads partner took him on and looked after him for a few months but, against all the odds, the same happened again.  His mum passed away but this time Shokka was found in the house having been with his mum, alone, for five days.
We cannot begin to describe how wonderful this boy is.  He is house trained, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea'd, wormed and neutered.  He is in great health and is a very affectionate boy.  He travels well in the van and is very biddable.  
He is a little strong on the lead but that is his only fault.  This wonderful dog needs a home where he will be loved.  He is available for rehoming now subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £150.
If you are interested please call Richard on 0794 996 1253.  
Buddy is a stunningly, beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who has found himself in rescue through no fault of his own.

Unfortunately, Buddy started life as many dogs do, as a cute little puppy.  He was "ooo'd" and "aaa'd" over but never trained.  Therefore, the bigger he got - the more boisterous he became.

Eventually (and I'll bet you have guessed the next bit) they didn't want him any longer as he became a pain. He was dumped, ended up in the dog pound and never reclaimed.  He was only one year old.

He has spent almost a year in rescue and during this time built a very strong bond with one of the pound volunteers (Simon).

Simon has taught Buddy how to walk nicely on the lead, how to sit when asked, give a paw and how to play appropriately.  

Buddy is a fantastic boy who is full of energy and has a real zest for life.  He is very inquisitive and loves "nose" games (ie. games where he can use his nose to find treats that have been hidden).

He interacts very well with all the other dogs at the rescue and plays each day with over 7 dogs in the exercise arena.

Buddy would suit an active household and an owner (or family) who are committed to continuing his training and education.  We would rehome Buddy to a family home where the children were over 10 years of age.

Updated Information from Foster Carer :-

Buddy has impressed me.  When I first heard his story, that his first owners had apparently done nothing constructive with him regarding training or behaviour, until it got so bad they got rid of him..well I didn't quite know what to expect.  He was one year old when he found himself in the pound and has basically spent a year in rescue.

At the rescue centre he met Simon.  I cannot praise the work Simon has done with Buddy highly enough.  Buddy walks really nicely on the lead, he sits, stays, waits, gives a paw, knows the name of some of his toys, and I am positive he is smart enough to learn many new things if someone takes the time to teach him.  He's eager to please and learn.
Buddy is a wonderful dog to have around.  Being Staffie based he loves affection, cuddles, tummy rubs etc.  He is always up for a game of fetch the "Whatever," loves his walks and in a nutshell has a lot of energy.  That is not to say that when I'm needing to just sit quietly he won't have a nap or maybe lie with an eye open waiting for me to move again.
Buddy is housetrained, sleeps all night, walks well, plays well, shows respect, is well behaved in the house, travels well...what more could anyone want.

Buddy does have an issue worth mentioning..well not an issue as such it's just what he does.  He gets a toy, we play for a while, I stop playing so he plays by himself but after a while he will decide I should be playing again and gets very pushy and starts barking loudly, simply to get me to play again.

The simple solution is to give him a toy and play with it, then take it away, so it's not a biggie but I could see how some people unaccustomed to dogs may see this as aggressive behaviour which is not what he means by it at all, even though he does look quite fierce at the time, which as I say could easily be misinterpreted. 

Just thought I should mention that to give any future adopters a heads then take the toy away..sorted.

But he's an awesome wee dog, a bit quieter than my last foster-dog, Murdoch, who was awesome in his own wee ways too..but yeah Buddy is a really good dog to have around, I hope we find him a home soon because he deserves they all do.

Buddy is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea'd, wormed, assessed and currently living in foster.  He is available for rehoming now subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £130.

If you would like to find out more about him, or even meet him, please call Lorraine on 0787 656 1545 or Richard on 0794 996 1253.

Buddy is available for rehoming now subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £130.


Poor Paddy!!!   Only 10 months old and in rescue already but through no fault of his own.  

Paddy had a lovely home where his best friend was a five year old boy.  They played and played and just adored each other.  Unfortunately, for personal reasons, Mum had to go back to work and didn't have time to look after Paddy.  Therefore he ended up in rescue.

He really is a great wee dog.  He gets on well with all the other dogs and enjoys running and playing with them.  He walks well on the lead, travels well in the van and has been neutered, microchipped, flea'd, wormed, fully vaccinated, veterinary health checked and assessed. 

He is ready for rehoming subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £170.  

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