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Dogs Available for Adoption
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Bringing Dogs Into The Light
Dogs Available for Adoption
Before applying to adopt one of our dogs please think very carefully about it. Most dogs have a potential life span of around 15 years.  Whilst it is not dreadfully expensive to feed a dog on a weekly basis there are other, associated costs, such as vet bills, that can be very expensive especially if the dog is ill or has an accident.  We would advise any potential adopter to take out relevant insurance cover.

Please do not ask to take one of our dogs on a "trial" as we will not agree to that.  You are welcome to visit the dog as many times as you like prior to adoption and spend as much time as you like with him/her. In many cases we do not know what the dog has had to live through in the past and we regularly find it can take several months before a dog feels secure and settled in his/her new home.  Therefore to take the dog on a brief trial run will only upset the dog's balance and will not prove whether or not the dog will be happy living with you.  

Maisie - Retriever Cross CAT/DOG/CHILD friendly

Maisie is, we believe, a retriever cross.  She is approximately 4 years old. 

Maisie found herself in the pound and was unable to be claimed by her owners.  It is believed she lived with 5 children before. 

She is very dog friendly and people oriented.  She has shown no interest in our cats and we believe she could live with a dog savvy cat without problem.   She is fairly strong on the lead and therefore would benefit from walking on a head collar.

Maisie will be spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea'd, wormed and veterinary health checked prior to rehoming.

She is not ready for rehoming yet but is available for viewing.  If you would like to meet her please contact Lorraine on 0787 656 1545 or Richard on 0794 996 1253.

Maisie will be available for rehoming shortly subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £150.

Murdoch - In Foster - Updated Info!! Murdoch has been in rescue for months.  He is a lovely boy and needs a chance, please??
Murdoch came to rescue at Islay Dog Rescue (Ayrshire) on the same day that Davie Murdoch and his curling team won Silver at the Winter Olympics.  He had been in the pound with no name and the pound staff called him "Tubbs" as he was more than slightly overweight at the time. 
We thought he deserved a better name than that so who better than a successful Olympian to call him after??
He is approximately 2 years old, fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, flea'd, wormed and assessed.  After spending many, many months in kennels he has been in foster care for almost 2 weeks.  This is exactly what his foster carer has to say about him. 
Updated Information
"I am more used to bigger dogs, medium to large, rather than smaller ones, but what Murdoch may lack in stature he more than makes up for with a huge happy personality and an enormous, affectionate heart.  I'll say that again because I cannot emphasise enough the happy personality and the love he gives.  I swear he smiles.  When he plays, when he runs towards you, there's an ear to ear great big smile on his face and when he gets petted I'm sure I can see him grinning.
Having been in a rescue centre rather than a house for some time and being a young dog, I anticipated basically starting all over with him, house training, walking on the lead, sit, wait..all the basic stuff.  However, he is clean in house which is a gold star right away and is pretty good at walking on the lead too once the initial excitement of going out dies down.  He is eager to please so I imagine the other bits will come, with some treats for incentive and time, but he does understand "No" which is a good place to start and he is already remembering "Sit."
I have left him in the house for short periods of time and although he initially wasn't happy about it there was no damage done.  I imagine that he has not spent much time alone having had other dogs and rescue centre staff around for so long but am sure he will get the idea.  He does however travel very well in the car/van.
In Murdoch I see a faithful, loving companion for some lucky person. He simply hoovers up affection and gives as much and more right back.  Although I have not allowed it, if you let him he will happily be your lap dog.

He is a nice boy to have around.  Somebody out there needs him.........they just don't realise it yet."
Murdoch is dog friendly and could easily live with a calm female. 
Poor Murdoch thinks he should give up hope.  It's just his fate that he was born a staffie.  I'm sure he closes his eyes and dreams of being a fluffy poodle or gorgeous golden whatever - and having people fight over homing him.  Instead of that, he is continually overlooked.  He's only a staffie after all.    
If you are interested in meeting him please contact Richard on 0794 996 1253 or Lorraine on 0787 656 1545.
Murdoch is available for rehoming subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £100.

Wallace is a lovely, young crossbreed.  He is around 9 months old.

He has been here for a few weeks now and during that time has proven to be a complete star. He is very quiet and laid back, exceptionally so for such a young dog.  

He can be rather nervous in strange situations and at that time, takes his lead from his handler. Therefore we would be looking to rehome Wallace with somebody who is fairly confident and outgoing so that they can encourage Wallace to enjoy the world.

Wallace is fabulous with other dogs and is scared of cats.

We would consider rehoming Wallace where the children in the house were over 12.  He could live as an only dog but would benefit from living with a calm, confident female dog. 

Wallace is truly stunning, both inside and out.  

He is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea'd, wormed and veterinary health checked.

If you would like ot meet him or find out more please call Lorraine on 0787 656 1545 or Richard on 0794 996 1253.  

Albert - Terrier Cross Albert / Jet is a 4-5 year old, terrier cross.

When Jet was at the rescue he was here for many months.  During that time he built a very strong relationship with Richard and is ideally a man’s dog.  He was turned out into the exercise arena every day with all the other dogs and during that time he was never once aggressive to any of them.  In fact, a couple of times he was bullied and picked on.  He would often actively avoid any dogs he didn’t feel comfortable around. 
After several months he was eventually adopted by a couple called Joe and Ann (names changed). He was very much Joe’s dog.  He did present several problems but mainly they were worked through.  However, when out walking on the lead it seemed he was not good with other dogs.  This was a surprise given how he had been at the rescue.  However, Joe and Ann took him to trainers and behaviourists and worked hard on this.  He is quite a strong dog and walks  on both a halti and a harness and double-ended lead.  He can walk very nicely though and knows how to sit and wait at the pavement. 
He adores his boomer ball – in fact, all balls.  He will play fetch for as long as you can be bothered.  When playing fetch he normally drops the ball into your hand but if he drops it on the floor and you don’t pick it up he remembers and will give it to you.
Unfortunately after approximately a year Joe died very suddenly and both Jet and Ann were launched into limbo.  Both of them missing the anchor in their lives.  Jet was very traumatised, his dad left the room one evening and never came back. 
He began to suffer from separation anxiety and when Ann would leave him, even for a very short period of time, he would toilet in the house.  For almost a year Ann tried to cope with Jet on her own but he proved too much for her.  Suffering from health problems and finding Jet too much it was with a heavy heart she asked us to take Jet back into the rescue.
At this point we found a foster carer who welcomed a project!!  This project, we felt, could be Jet.
Richard collected Jet and took him to the foster carer, Kate.  He introduced Jet to Kate as “Albert” which was the name he had been given at the rescue before being rehomed initially.  Therefore, since then Kate has called him Albert.  Lucky boy has two names!!
Kate is a very experienced dog owner and had recently, very sadly, lost her own beautiful dog.  She has had Albert for almost two months now and has been assessing him during this time.
She reported that after Richard left him with her the first day, poor Albert spent the following three days waiting at the window for him to return.  Eventually he began to build a bit of a relationship with her but he very much prefers men.
Kate has many positives to report about Albert.  He sleeps on her bed at night and has never once toileted in the house overnight.  He loves his walk but does need both his halti and harness as he is very strong.  He does not react well when he sees another dog when he is on the lead and this is an area for work. 
Kate’s friend has a female dog and Albert is very accepting of her.  Although it took a little bit of time before he would play with her he is now keen to meet her and we feel he would happily live with another calm, female dog.
Albert is what can only be described as “a character!” He has several funny little habits.  For example, when you are at the kitchen sink, running water, he goes crazy in fun and he loves you to blow bubbles at him.  However, this game needs to stop when the human says as otherwise he continues to jump up and use the person as a wall.
He's not all that keen on being groomed but does let you do it for maybe around 15 mins a time. He gets excited at meal times and does a little dance when his meal is getting made up.  He likes you to stay with him while he eats.  He was okay with some school children patting him while he was out on a walk. 
He settled  well in foster care but did display some signs of separation anxiety in that he sometimes toiletted in the house if left alone.  We would suggest this is dealt with by crating him and giving him a stuffed kong  when he is to be left.
Other than that he's an ideal doggie.  He does as he's told, not always on the first ask, but he does do it.  He big love in life is to play ball and he gets really excited with this.  Sometimes so excited he chews the ball up!!  When playing fetch if he doesn’t return the ball to your hand and you tell him you can’t reach he then picks it up and drops it in your hand.  He would play fetch all day if you would let him!! 
He is not an overly affectionate dog and doesn’t like a lot of loving, though he does like to know you are there.
There are a couple of types of homes that would suit Albert.  He would be happy living with a single man who he could bond with an be with all the time.  However, he would also be happy living with a family where there were slightly older children (maybe over 8) who would play football with him!! 
His new adopter would have to appreciate and understand though that he has had a lot of upset in his life over the past couple of years and this is presenting through his separation anxiety.  Realistically, it could take Albert a year or so to settle properly into a new home.

Updated Information :-

Albert's foster carer is moving home outwith the area therefore Albert has returned to live in kennels.  He has only been here a few days (12.07.14) but during this time he has been perfectly well behaved.  He has thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the other dogs in the rescue.  At one point he was playing with a St Bernard Cross and they had a ball :-)
If you are interesting in finding out more about Albert or would even like to meet him please call Richard on 0794 996 1253 or Lorraine on 0787 656 1545.
Albert is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea’d, wormed and assessed.  He is available for rehoming now subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £150.

Barney - Crossbreed Barney is a beautiful young crossbreed boy who has no idea why he is in rescue - nor why he has been in rescue for 8 months!!!!  

He is only 18  months old - how can this be??

Barney is great with other dogs and loves to play.  He gets excited when he goes for a walk but settles after a short time.

He was in rescue at a sister organisation and has only just arrived here.  He will undergo a period of assessment before he is available for rehoming.

Barney is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, flea'd, wormed and is currently under assessment.

After his assessment period, Barney should be available for rehoming subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £100.

If you would like to register an interest in Barney, or even meet him, please call Lorraine on 0787 656 1545 or Richard on 0794 996 1253.


Peaches - 2 years in rescue!! Peaches is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is absolutely wonderful !!!!

This beautiful girl has been in rescue for 2 years - yes, you read that right.  TWO YEARS!!!

Why has she been overlooked??  As God is my witness I have no idea.  She is truly beautiful.

She has only been with us a couple of days (12.07.14) but during this time she has presented no problems. 

She has interacted well with the staff, dog walkers and all the other dogs - playing as part of the group in the exercise arena.

Peaches is still under assessment but if you would like to register an interest and show this girl that there is life outside kennels then please get in touch with Lorraine on  0787 656 1545 or Richard on 0794 996 1253.

Peaches is spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea'd and wormed.  She is currently under assessment. When this is complete she will be available for rehoming subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £100.


Millie is approximately 2.5 years old and is a border collie.

She is a very affectionate dog and very well behaved in the house.  However she will only be rehomed to a child-free household - she does not like children!! 

She is cat friendly and whilst she is okay with the rest of the dogs during exercise time, we think she would prefer to be the only dog in the household. 

Millie travels well in the car and walks beautifully on the lead.  She does not suffer from separation anxiety and is non-destructive.  She could be left alone for up to 4 hours. 

She is fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, flea'd, wormed and is currently being re-assessed. 

Millie will be available shortly for rehoming subject to a satisfactory homecheck and a minimum donation of £150. 

If you would like to meet her or find out more about her please call Lorraine on 0787 656 1545 or Richard on 0794 996 1253. 

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