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It is true to say that we always gain a better insight and assessment of any dog if they are lucky enough to be in a foster placement.  Kennels can be lonely and stressful for dogs therefore, for some, fostering is the best way forward. 


Fostering always places the dog at the centre of the process.  While the dog is with you it is your job to assess it and teach it some basics, such as house training, walking on the lead, sitting etc.  During this time you will be closely supported by our Foster Care Co-ordinator (Gillian Thomson).  We ask that an assessment is completed on each dog but support and assist you throughout this process.


To foster a dog from us should not incur many costs for you.  We supply food and necessary equipment.  However, we do have fairly strict criteria in that you cannot live more than 20 miles from Cumnock, should be able to drive/have your own transport and should not have children or visiting children who are under the age of 8 years old.  This is no reflection on the children even if they are dog-savvy, but is primarily to keep everybody safe.

Fostering is in no way a quick short-cut to adopting a dog and is not to be considered as "try before you buy!"  Fostering is ALWAYS based on the needs of the dog and therefore personal preferences for breeds etc cannot be considered. 


A homecheck would be required before fostering can take place, this is currently being done via live video chat to ensure the safety of all during the Covid- 19 pandemic.

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