Please allow 7 days before contacting us regarding your application

We are currently experiencing an unprecidented amount of applications, it may take

up to 3 months or longer to match a dog with your family.

Before applying to adopt one of our dogs please think very carefully about it. Most dogs have a potential life span of around 15 years.  Whilst it is not dreadfully expensive to feed a dog on a weekly basis there are other, associated costs, such as vet bills, that can be very expensive especially if the dog is ill or has an accident.  We would advise any potential adopter to take out relevant insurance cover.  We provide 5 weeks free insurance to all who adopt with us.

Available for Adoption

We take great care to match a dogs needs and temperament to the ideal owners circumstances, considering many factors.  Assessments take time and we are currently receiving applications for new homes that outnumber the dogs available  20 - 1 . However we have dogs arriving twice a month currently. Please be aware we can not cater to specific breed requests.



5 years


Well hello Dolly!!

At around 40cm tall Dolly is one of our smaller dogs.  She is very sweet and a little shy.  During her time in Romania she suffered an eye injury but this was checked by the Romanian vets and found to have no infection though she may have a scar on her cornea.


Dolly has been walking out with the other dogs and presented no problems.  She is shy on first meeting but quickly comes around. 

If you would like to meet her then please call Lorraine  on 07876561545

She is fully vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites, assessed and neutered.


Her adoption donation is £350 which goes directly to saving other dogs just like myself.   

Domino, 8 years, crossbreed


Hello!!  My name is Domino and I am around 6 years old.

I am extremely people friendly but can be bossy with other dogs, therefore the Islay Dog Rescue people recommend that I am the only dog in the household. 


I have been starved in the past and this means that I am never quite certain I am going to get another meal.  Therefore I can get grumpy with other dogs near my food.  It is important to note that I take treats very gently and I don't have an issue with humans near my treats or food.


I love a long walk and just ignore the traffic.  My harness makes me look very dapper and I will go wherever you want to go - just lead the way! 

I am fully vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites and will be neutered shortly. 

If you would like to meet me then please call Lorraine as she is my social secretary on 07876561545

My adoption donation is £350 which goes directly to saving other dogs just like myself.  

Violetta, female, 3 years old


My name is Violetta and I am 3 years old (roughly).  I came from Romania to Islay Dog Rescue in Scotland and have yet to see a Haggis!!

Anyway, I was scared when I first arrived but have settled now and love playing in the arena and going out for walks.

However, although I can happily walk out with other dogs I am not keen on them in my space so would have to live as the only dog in the household.

I have a really fluffy coat so will need an owner who is keen on grooming!

I am spayed, microchipped, treated for fleas/worms, assessed and spayed - ready for my new home!

If you would like to meet him then please call Lorraine  on 07876561545

My adoption donation is £350 which goes directly to saving other dogs just like myself. 

Polly, 9 years, crossbreed


Poor Polly has had a terrible time but please read her description very carefully.

Polly came to Islay Dog Rescue from Portugal.  She found a home with a local man and for a couple of months was very happy there.  She lived in the town and was used to walking through the streets, meeting other people and dogs.  However, unfortunately her owner died and.  His neighbours noticed they hadn't seen him for several days and reported it to the police who found Polly in the flat with him.

Polly returned to rescue and was then rehomed to a single lady who she lived with for several months.  During this time Polly's behaviour took a turn for the worse and she became very difficult to manage.  

She does not like children and has nipped a child before - therefore a home with children or visiting children is completely off the cards. 

She became reactive towards other dogs and her owner employed the services of a local dog trainer.  The dog trainer advised spraying Polly with water and using a sound activated bark collar if she reacted when seeing another dog. 

Whilst Polly likes to be stroked and likes to be close to you she does not like "patting".


We have a lot of information from her previous owner and we are happy to discuss this in depth with any serious, potential owners. 

Her ideal home would be in a rural location, no children or visiting children, no other dogs and owners who are happy to give Polly the time and space required to recover from the trauma that has been in her life for the last couple of years. 

I'm fully vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites and neutered.

If you would like to meet me then please call Lorraine as she is my social secretary on 07876561545

Her adoption fee will be discussed with any serious, potential adopters. 


Polly, 9 years, crossbreed

The dogs we have available changes very quickly, we will be doing our best to keep this updated.

​​Please do not ask to take one of our dogs on a "trial" as we will not agree to that.  You are welcome to visit the dog as many times as you like prior to adoption and spend as much time as you like with him/her. In many cases we do not know what the dog has had to live through in the past and we regularly find it can take several months before a dog feels secure and settled in his/her new home.  Therefore to take the dog on a brief trial run will only upset the dog's balance and will not prove whether or not the dog will be happy living with you.