Please allow 7 days before contacting us regarding your application

We are currently experiencing an unprecidented amount of applications, it may take

up to 3 months or longer to match a dog with your family.

Before applying to adopt one of our dogs please think very carefully about it. Most dogs have a potential life span of around 15 years.  Whilst it is not dreadfully expensive to feed a dog on a weekly basis there are other, associated costs, such as vet bills, that can be very expensive especially if the dog is ill or has an accident.  We would advise any potential adopter to take out relevant insurance cover.  We provide 5 weeks free insurance to all who adopt with us.

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We take great care to match a dogs needs and temperament to the ideal owners circumstances, considering many factors.  Assessments take time and we are currently receiving applications for new homes that outnumber the dogs available  20 - 1 . However we have dogs arriving twice a month currently. Please be aware we can not cater to specific breed requests.



2-3 years old, crossbreed
Male, medium size






I know, I know, I am a handsome dude!!


Wait until you hear my story.  So, I was taken from a home where I wasn't being cared for adequately.  My needs regarding feeding, housing, companionship and veterinary care were not being met!  So I was rescued!!


I went to live with Katie and her family.  While there I have lived with other dogs (boys and girls!), little children, cats, birds, lizards and fish.  While living there I have been fed properly and visiting the vet.  Mmm, to be fair I'm not too pleased about that because they removed my, erm, "dangly bits" and now I can't be a daddy!  Still, probably just as well given how many unwanted dogs there are in the world!  I have had my first vax too and can barely contain my excitement until I'm STABBED again to get the second!!


I am fully house trained (I mean who pee-pees and poopies in the house these days anyway, that is so 1984) I am also happy to spend time in my crate.  The car is fantastic and I love going on jaunts.


Although I can walk on the lead it's fair to say you have two choices - either spend some time training me to walk properly and politely OR buy some roller blades cos I am super-strong and I aint hanging around.


So my ideal family??  Mmm, I do love kids but the rescue people say they won't rehome me with kids under 12 because I can be clumsy and might knock them down.  Clumsy?  I mean, I know I failed the audition for the Royal Ballet but clumsy is a bit harsh!  I'd like a family who are going to commit themselves to some training and give me the life I deserve.  Active please - no couch potatoes for me!  Let's explore the world together!


Unfortunately my looks (which are immense by the way) sometimes make people think I'm fierce but I am most definately the biggest softie you will come across.  The peeps at the rescue centre say they want somebody with bull breed experience to adopt me though.


I am neutered, microchipped, treated for parasites, veterinary health checked and ready to have my second vax. 


If you wanted to meet me then please call Lorraine on 07876561545 and she will arrange my diary.


My adoption donation is £350 which goes directly to helping save the lives of other dogs just like me. 


4 years, crossbreed
Female, medium size




Update : Nancy was adopted from us at the beginning of April.  Unfortunately she has returned to rescue through no fault of her own OR her owners.  Ill health within the family has determined her return and he owners were distraught at this turn of events.

They reported that, whilst in their care, Nancy has been the most wonderful dog they could have imagined.  She slept on the bottom of the bed each night without as much as a whimper.  She is house trained and simply a joy.  Her original bio is below.


Hello world!!  My name is Nancy.

I have been at Islay Dog Rescue for a few weeks now and am ready for a family home.  What is there to say about me?

Firstly, please forgive my rather "black and decker" style haircut.  I was rather bedraggled in the kill shelter and the lovely people who rescued me did their best but my goodness, they should stick to their day jobs!

Anyway, my personality shines through my rough haircut and as Lorraine told me - there is only a month between a bad haircut and a good one.  So, I'm counting the days!!

Life at the rescue is good.  The food is great and the treats and enrichment games are fabulous.  I'm pleased to report that the staff and volunteers are coming along very nicely with their training!!  I've taught them that if I get up on the drum and sit nicely they can give me a treat.   They were quite quick in catching on so good on them.  Hee hee.

So I'm ready for a home - just in time for lovely summer walks with my new people - how romantic!!  

I have been spayed, treated for parasites, microchipped and assessed.  My adoption donation is £350 which goes directly to helping save the lives of dogs just like me.

If you would like to meet me please call Lorraine on 07876561545 to arrange an appointment.

The dogs we have available changes very quickly, we will be doing our best to keep this updated.

​​Please do not ask to take one of our dogs on a "trial" as we will not agree to that.  You are welcome to visit the dog as many times as you like prior to adoption and spend as much time as you like with him/her. In many cases we do not know what the dog has had to live through in the past and we regularly find it can take several months before a dog feels secure and settled in his/her new home.  Therefore to take the dog on a brief trial run will only upset the dog's balance and will not prove whether or not the dog will be happy living with you.