Doggy Bio- Adopt Me

All dogs in our care are correctly fitted with Truelove harnesses, collars and a double ended lead.  We have found that the Truelove harness that we use is the best for safety, fit and security.  Should prospective adopters wish to purchase the same equipment then we have it available on site.  Harnesses are £25 and double ended leads are £10, you will be able to purchase online very soon too!


Meet Duke

Hey folks, my name is Duke and I am quite the dude!!  Am I not just totally gorgeous – I mean, how can you resist me!!  I am medium sized, probably about the same size as a labrador.


So, I came from Portugal where, I can tell you, it is much warmer than it is here.  I had spent over a year in the public shelter where it was dark, depressing and lonely.  Then some lovely people came along, rescued me from there and arranged for me to travel to Scotland.  So, och aye, here I am!!


Initially I found the whole experience overwhelming and was wary of the people around me.  Through time though I have come to understand that they only wish me good and are helping me.  I used to get upset and tetchy when the kennel girls were putting my harness on but not now because I know I am going for a fabulous walk.


Some men do scare me and I take time to suss them out but with understanding and time I give them my trust.


Whilst I would live on my own I would quite like to live with another dog too – company is always good.  The kennel girls are unable to say whether I am house trained or not because I live in the kennels but I am a quick learner so I’m sure you could teach me.  I have seen the resident cats here and, whilst I had a look, I wasn’t particularly interested in them.  With correct, careful introductions and some training the staff here believe I could live with a cat.


My ideal home would be with active humans and, if there are children (either living there or visiting), that they are over the age of 16 please.


Dukes adoption fee is £300 and this goes directly to helping save the lives of other dogs.


I'm Nutella


Hi, my name is Nutella. 


I am around 2 years old and came from Portugal originally and I have a complaint!! Nobody told me how cold it was in Scotland!  The only good thing is I have a new wardrobe of clothes with jumpers and coats to keep me cosy.  If only I had my own sofa and family though……..


My likes are many – I love treats and toys.  Walking is good but sometimes I get fed up and want to go home again.  Cars are the enemy!!  I hate traffic and apparently “react badly” to traffic passing me.  Well, what has a girl to do – these vehicles are scary.


When I was born my left eye was a different shape than my right eye so it always looks like I am winking at you 😊  It makes me cute I think!   The rescue people here say I am a “diva”.


My ideal home would be with a mum and dad (maybe some well behaved children over the age of 12)  I would not like to live in a built up area as traffic really, really upsets me.  A rural home with minimal contact with traffic would be perfect.  I am just a young girl but keen to learn so would appreciate some training and interactive, positive fun.


Cats?  Mmmm probably not!!  Other dogs?  Mmmm probably not unless a nice, calm male who will not take me too seriously!!  Treats and Toys?  Most deffo!



 Nutellas adoption fee is £300 and this goes directly to saving the lives of other dogs.



Meet Sooty - Reserved

Hi, I’m Sooty and I’m a lovely Romanian girl.  I am only around 18 months old and would love a family to call my own.


I arrived in Scotland at the end of November and since then have been living in foster care with one of the Islay Dog Rescue volunteers, Linzi.  She has a great big dog called Tye and he is my bestie!!  We play and cuddle up together.


Cuddles and games are my two favourite occupations.  Linzi has told everybody how clever I am because I am housetrained and I have also met younger children and been good with them.


My ideal home would be either with another, playful dog or with a young family who has lots of time for me.  I can live with children over the age of 8.

Sooty adoption fee is £300 and this goes directly to helping save the lives of other dogs.




Meet Truffle


Hi, my name is Truffle and I am totally gorgeous!!  I arrived at Islay Dog Rescue from Romania and upon arriving the kennel staff noticed I had a bad limp.  After a short period of time on medication I was xray’d and the vet found out that my leg had been broken in the past and never treated.  The bones had slid up but never healed.  The only option was to remove my leg so now I am Truffle Tri-Paws !!


I am currently recovering from my operation so not available for adoption yet but Debra, my foster carer, says I am a complete dream.  I am completely house trained, not bothered by cats, chickens or other dogs and really, really well behaved in the house.  She says whoever adopts me will be the luckiest person alive!!  I agree 😊


My ideal new home would be perhaps with another dog, a nice male and with a family.  I would be good with well behaved, dog savvy children over the age of 8. 


Truffles adoption fee is £300 and this goes directly to helping save the lives of other dogs.


Meet Dee

Hi, my name is Dee and I am around 6 years old.  I came to Scotland from Portugal and have yet to see a haggis!!


I was adopted around 3 months ago but unfortunately this failed and I was returned to the rescue centre. 


The kennel staff say I am a delight, I am clean in my kennel, walk well on the lead, love human company and walk out with the other dogs without any problems. 


My new home would consist of experienced dog owners and no children or visiting children please. 


Dees adoption fee is £300 and this goes directly to helping save the lives of other dogs.



Should you wish to meet any of us please call Lorraine on 07876561545 as she handles our social events! 

All dogs leaving Islay Dog Rescue are fully vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped, neutered/spayed and assessed.  Assessments can be made available to potential adopters.