Meet the Team

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Lorraine Jardine - Rescue Director


I guess the journey for me began in December 2010 when two of my beautiful dogs were killed.  When I tried to rehome a couple of rescue dogs it didn’t seem to matter which rescue I approached I was never quite suitable.  I became aware of an organisation called Rescue Helpers Unite and the rest is history.  Over the 10 years there have been some major ups and downs but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Without my amazing team of Senior Volunteers we would not be able to operate.  No matter what the weather is like or how dirty/difficult/awkward the job is that needs done they attack it with gusto and a smile.  Everybody has the dogs’ needs at the core of what they do.  I am very privileged and honoured to be part of this amazing group of people.

I began volunteering at Islay Dog Rescue in March 2019.  Since then the rescue has undergone massive changes and I have been excited to be part of all of the changes.  During my time here I have gained a lot of experience in working with different types of dogs but I love working with the Romanian dogs because some of them have big trust issues.  To gain their trust and then see them move on to a forever home can be wonderful but I'm normally the person crying in the portacabin.  Personally my self-confidence and mental health have improved and I can't believe the difference that simply volunteering has done to my life.  I'd highly recommend it.


Jillian McCann

Kennel Manager

Linda Anderson

I started volunteering at Islay Dog Rescue in May 2019 after I saw an appeal for volunteers in the local press. Volunteering for me has been fulfilling in many ways. Meeting volunteers, making friends, fresh air, out in all weathers, and most importantly the interaction with the amazing dogs that we have the pleasure to look after during their time in the kennels. From washing dog bowls, walking dogs, laundry, arena playtime, cleaning kennels to one to one time in the enchantment room, the days are varied and rewarding. There can be heartache along the way when a dog becomes unwell or distressed but many highs watching the rescue dogs find their forever homes and funny times like when Buster decided to go a run in the arena with me attached to the end of the lead. I wouldn’t change my time at Islay for anything.


Senior Volunteer

Hi! My name is Debra and I’m the volunteer co-ordinator at Islay. I’ve been a volunteer with the rescue since April 2015 and as well as working with the dogs in the kennels I have helped to organise events, raise funds and I’m currently fostering my fourth dog for the rescue. My own dog Sam is an Islay dog. I’ve recently completed a Diploma in Canine Behaviour and working with the dogs at the rescue has enabled me to gain practical experience. My role as volunteer co-ordinator is very rewarding. The contribution that the volunteers make is invaluable and my hope is that the volunteers enjoy their experience at the rescue and want to come back. I’d encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering to get in touch and become part of the team at Islay Dog Rescue.


Katy Edwards-Wood

Senior Volunteer

Gillian Thompson

Foster Care Co-ordinator

I first heard about Islay Dog Rescue through my job and this led to me running The Great Scottish Run in Glasgow in 2016 to raise money for Islay. I didn't start volunteering until July 2019. The weather was horrendous on our first day and we were all soaked to the skin but I loved every minute of it and haven't lost my love for the rescue since. I started as a senior volunteer a few months later. I have made some good friends through volunteering. So many dogs have stolen a bit of my heart and I love seeing them come out of themselves and be able to go to their forever homes.


Debs Wade

Volunteer Co-ordinator


In loving memory of my 2 dogs Jasper & Finlay I wanted to do something to help dogs. I checked online and Islay Dog Rescue caught my attention. I ventured up for my induction and I loved every minute of it. The volunteers were amazing and you just couldn't resist helping all those beautiful dogs.

Lorna Thompson

Senior Volunteer

I first started volunteering in July 2019. Despite the typical Scottish summer weather (dreich) I loved it and my first walk was great!  I was then  instantly addicted. Now I'm one of the Sunday seniors, my dedicated role is to make sure cats are fed & dishes washed and then we muck in to make sure all the residents are well looked after and loved


Linzi Cunningham

I heard about Islay dog rescue when I saw a Facebook friend post some pictures (Lorna). I mentioned to my partner that I would love to volunteer at a dog rescue and asked him where it was? Having recently moved to Ochiltree I discovered it was only a 10 minute drive from my house!! So I signed up to volunteer in November 2019 and it was the best thing I've ever done. I'm currently on furlough so I'm so lucky to be able to spend a lot of time there at the moment. I am a senior volunteer and part of the rehoming team. Volunteering makes me feel so happy.... the reaction the dogs give you when you feed them or walk them or just spend time with them is truly priceless. The best part is seeing the process they make when they come in crying happy tears when they are adopted. The best moment for me was when Dodger was rehomed.

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Senior Volunteer

Fiona Laird

I’ve had a passion for working with dogs from a young age and my family have always had rescue dogs. I started to volunteer at Islay dog rescue in 2019, and then became a part of the senior team later on in 2020. Being able to see the change in the dogs from when they show up to when they are adopted out is massively rewarding. At the rescue I carry out the maintenance work that’s required, but I do like to take time away to go and walk the dogs when needed.  This is how I met my best friend Bear, I adopted him in December 2020 and being able to see him grow is very rewarding. You gain a lot of skills from being more patient as no two dogs are the same and also knowing what you are doing is making a real difference to that dogs life is rewarding on its own.


Senior Volunteer

My involvement with Islay Dog Rescue began in August 2019.  I heard an appeal on West FM Radio for volunteers for the centre and thought it was a good cause where I could offer my time.  I was studying a Joinery Course at Kilmarnock College at the time so was happy to be involved in maintenance.  I am responsible for maintenance around the centre and for keeping the vans in good, working order.  I love being involved with such a worthy cause and whilst I am not working directly with the dogs I gain immense pleasure from seeing them all find new homes.  I am very proud to be a member of the IDR team.


Carol Mill

Senior Volunteer


Lynn Ball

Hi my name is Lynn. I first found out about Islay through buying from an auction they were running a few years back.  In 2020 Lorraine was looking for a fundraiser, I love meeting people and dogs so I applied and the rest is history. I started a new Facebook page solely for fundraising and spend my time trying to find different fun ways to part people with their money. This benefits the dogs and sometimes even the supporters get a treat.  I enjoy being part of the process of helping dogs transition from a 'kennel' environment to a 'home' atmosphere. I, in return via the fundraising page have met some lovely people.

Social Media Fundraiser

I first became involved with Islay Dog Rescue in December 2019 when my fiancé and I stumbled across the most beautiful St Bernard needing re-homed! We met Bella four times at the rescue and not only fell in love with her but also the work the centre do. We completed the adoption process and by 22nd January 2020, Bella had secured her forever home with us and has brought joy to our lives everyday since. The volunteers and staff at the rescue were really invested in Bella so we kept in touch through social media to keep everyone updated on her progress. I really admired the genuine care that every individual shared for the dogs in need and those who had got their happy endings so offered to help wherever possible on a volunteer basis to support their cause. I was then asked in October 2020 if I would be willing to create and manage a social media page, aimed for adopters of Islay to share stories about their dogs! I felt so grateful to be contacted and immediately advised that I would be more than happy to facilitate the group and this is when Islay Dog Rescue - Adopters Page was born! We welcome those who have adopted or wish to adopt to join our page. Everyday, we have positive posts shared with lots of gorgeous photos, heart-warming stories and the odd bit of banter! I absolutely love being part of the Islay team as the charity does an amazing job at giving dogs a second chance of life. Through the adopters page, we are able to read about so many happy endings for dogs; the subsequent joy they provide to their families restores faith when things feel tough and allow like minded people to share stories and uplift each other’s spirits. It is a positive, supportive network and I would urge everybody where possible to support the charity in its mission to bring dogs in need into the light.


Catherine Edwards

Social Media Adopters Page Administrator