Please allow 7 days before contacting us regarding your application

We are currently experiencing an unprecidented amount of applications, it may take

up to 3 months or longer to match a dog with your family.

Before applying to adopt one of our dogs please think very carefully about it. Most dogs have a potential life span of around 15 years.  Whilst it is not dreadfully expensive to feed a dog on a weekly basis there are other, associated costs, such as vet bills, that can be very expensive especially if the dog is ill or has an accident.  We would advise any potential adopter to take out relevant insurance cover.  We provide 5 weeks free insurance to all who adopt with us.

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We take great care to match a dogs needs and temperament to the ideal owners circumstances, considering many factors.  Assessments take time and we are currently receiving applications for new homes that outnumber the dogs available  20 - 1 . However we have dogs arriving twice a month currently. Please be aware we can not cater to specific breed requests.



Labrador male
12 years old





I may be 12 but I ain't got no zimmer! 


My name is Clan and I am in rescue through no fault of my own.  

Although I'm an older gent I am as fit and healthy as can be expected for my age.  

So I haven't been in rescue long but have I had a giggle at the poor people here who are trying to look after me.  Let me tell you what I've been up to......

When I first arrived I just smiled and wagged my tail - listening to all the "oooo's" and "aaahhh's".  I had a wee plod about to lull them into a false sense of security.

My first piece of fun came when Katie and Lorraine took me to the beach at Maidens.  I was silent in the van - so quiet they forgot me while they scoffed coffee and scones. Mmm, not even a crumb for me - apparently I'm chubby!!  Cheeky pair!  

Anyway, I came out the van nice and sedately, pottered to the grass and surveyed the territory.  THEN.....I decided we were for the off........(perhaps I should point out here that Katie weighs about 7 stone soaking wet).  Off we went at a spanking pace, right across the grass towards the sand.  Katie was trailing behind me, all the time muttering something about Usain Bolt.  No idea!

Having had some fun at the beach I was exhausted and slept in the van on the way home.  Next day though, would you believe opportunity presented itself again.

While in my kennel one of the volunteers looked at me with a pathetic look on their face and said "oh.....the old scone, I'll take him to the arena for a wee wander". Tee hee hee hee.

Out I came, same tactic as yesterday, plodded to the arena then TOOK OFF!!  She never even had time to take my lead off and had to chase me.  Boy, did I laugh.

So, anyways, I need a new home.  I love my exercise and my food but the cheeky staff here say I am chubby.  Pot-kettle is all I'm saying!


I could happily live with another dog and don't mind children but given that I am older I'd prefer children over the age of 8 please.

My vaccinations are out of date but Lorraine is dealing with that.  She stabbed me yesterday - somebody call the SSPCA.  She claimed she was microchipping me!

I have been treated for fleas and worms and am currently working my way through assessing the volunteers (they say they are assessing me but I think we all know how this is working)


Should you wish to meet me please form an orderly queue and once you reach the front call Lorraine on 07876561545 and she will fit you into my schedule.  

My adoption donation is very negoatiable as it  goes directly towards helping saving the lives of dogs just like me. 

6 months, female






Skylar is the most beautiful girl you could meet. She is in rescue through no fault of her own - just a set of circumstances. We asked her what she thought and this is her reply......

Well, so I came to Islay Dog Rescue and it was terrifying. The other dogs in the kennels barked at me and some were very rude!! Called me names. So I hid in the kennel and didn't eat my dinner. By breakfast time though I was hungry and a nice lady came to see me. I wasn't sure of her so I spoke to her but she didn't run away - she bent down and said some nice things then gave me a lovely bowl of food.

Although I'd been hiding in the kennel it wasn't too bad as I had a cosy bed, some toys and a warm light above me. Anyway, I've been here a wee while now and things are all different.

I have made friends and we play in the arena. The nice people have taken me walks and they keep feeding me treats and giving me toys - life is good. I found the paddling pool and danced in and out of it - everybody laughed.

Now I would like a home of my own - a furever home. I can be a little nervous to start with so please no children under 10. Given I am a young lady I would really like a family who are going to train me and give me lots of exercise and wonderful experiences - though not all at once as I don't want overwhelmed.

I am fully vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites and my assessment is doing really well. I am not spayed yet because of my age so my new family would have to promise to have that done - no babies for me thank you!!

If you would like to meet me please form an orderly queue. You see I am very busy taking the volunteers for walks and playing in the arena so it's probably best you contact my social secretary, Lorraine, on 07876561545 and she will see if she can fit you in.

My adoption donation is £350 but remember I come with a neutering contract!! My adoption donation goes directly to saving the lives of dogs just like me and the others here in kennels.

I am fully vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites and assessed.  My adoption donation is £350 which goes directy to helpig save the lives of dogs just like me.






Well hello there!  My name is Bodie and I am known here as Baby Bodie because I am only 10 months old. 


I was born on the Island of Islay and lived with my family who loved me very much - as I did them.  Unfortunately, due to some family circumstances it became necessary for me to find a new home.  My family wanted the best for me so wanted a reputable rescue to take me on to help me find my new family.


When I arrived a was a little shell-shocked but I'm okay now - in fact, more than okay!  I have been out walking and playing in the arena.  I haven't been to the big field yet but apparently I'm going this weekend!! The excitement is REAL!


I love toys and balls and will play happily with you. I am just a young dog so would like a family or owners who are going to spend some time teaching me about the world and how best to react to situations.  Jillian says this is just basic training and nothing for me to be afraid of so I'm looking forward to it. 


I am fully vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites, assessed and ready to be rehomed!


If you would like to take me for a walk and play with me in the arena then please call Lorraine on 07876561545 and she will make it happen for me.

My adoption fee is £350 which goes directly to helping save the lives of dogs just like me.

The dogs we have available changes very quickly, we will be doing our best to keep this updated.

​​Please do not ask to take one of our dogs on a "trial" as we will not agree to that.  You are welcome to visit the dog as many times as you like prior to adoption and spend as much time as you like with him/her. In many cases we do not know what the dog has had to live through in the past and we regularly find it can take several months before a dog feels secure and settled in his/her new home.  Therefore to take the dog on a brief trial run will only upset the dog's balance and will not prove whether or not the dog will be happy living with you.